Our commitment

Condret is a pioneering jewellery brand where each piece is carefully crafted using high quality recovered materials, merging luxury with environmental commitment, creating pieces that transcends in time with timeless designs that embellish without harming our planet and promoting the circular economy.


Each piece is a testimony of our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

At Condret, we are fully committed to being responsible in all aspects: social, economic and environmental. Every piece we create is a reflection of this commitment, from the use of sustainable materials to our production practices. With your support, we are building a future where elegance meets consciousness


We keep on paving the way of our sustainable journey, setting goals and aligning our mission with the following SGD’s:

Let's make the difference!

Our culture

At Condret we are seriously committed with gender equality. so Our goal is to carry out policies that end up with all forms of discrimination and promote diversity and inclusion in the society and the organizations.
These values are taken into account in all our decision-making throughout our entire value chain and are undoubtedly a key point to end with any type of discrimination, of gender, race, religion or any other type.
We strive so that all members of our team are committed with our social and environmental values and we ensure that any decision or improvement we make, no matter how small it is, always walks on this direction.

Our product

At Condret we want to be a totally responsible jewellery brand at on a social, economic and environmental level. Our jewels are made exclusively of recycled metals and our crystals are undoubtedly those with the least environmental impact since they come from manufacturing processes that look for sustainability.
The origin of the stones is one of the key points in the jewellery industry. By using precious crystals coming from a European supplier, we ensure the ethical origin of our stones, offering fully conscious jewellery collections. Each stage of the production process is absolutely meticulously analyzed so that it is fully in line with our brand culture and thus take our responsibility to its maximum expression.

We are against overproduction and the unnecessary use of natural resources. That is why we promote practices for the reuse of raw materials, one of our main goals, and we encourage production processes that involve less consumption of resources.
We are proud to say that our jewelry collections are fully conscious.

Our planet

Our goal is to minimize the CO2 emissions that we generate throughout our entire value chain, from the sourcing until the shipping of our jewellery pieces. That’s why we work to be a carbon neutral organization and we invest in projects that mitigate the emissions that we produce.

Our main carbon footprint comes from the materials that we use for the creation of our jewellery but with the use of recycled metals and precious crystals we reduce our carbon footprint considerably as we do not extract stones or metals from the planet while preserving ecosystems.

We want to move towards a more sustainable economic model by reducing the generation of waste through the use of recycled materials in our jewellery and our packaging, thus promoting the circularity of products and materials.

Our strategy of reducing carbon emissions and waste involves a continuos search of new materials, the optimization of productive processes that generate less waste and the use of less energy and materials, and the close work with our suppliers where we share knowledge, expertise, and technology.

We are strongly determined to combat the climate change and to carry out socially responsible practices that allow us a sustainable economic growth that is respectful with people and the environment.

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