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At Condret we are aware that the exercise of any productive activity implies a carbon emission on the planet. That is why each stage of our value chain is meticulously designed to reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible to be a carbon neutral organization.

Moreover, we invest in projects to counteract the carbon footprint that we generate with our activity and this way reach the ‘Zero Impact’. For this reason we have established a collaboration agreement with Allcolibri that allows us to act in the following causes related to the sea and marine life (such as the origin of our name Condret)

1 Purchase = 1 Microimpact




Corals are very important for the marine life. A million of species of animals and plants live in coral reefs.

One billion people live within the 100 kilometers of coral reefs and they can also benefit of the ecosystem services provided by coral reefs.

The project to restore marine corals is located in Sri Lanka, where the reefs are in a great danger of being destroyed, mainly due to the recklessness of visitors and tour operators.


Coral reefs conform 25% of marine life and are threatened by carbon dioxide emissions that accelerate the ocean warming.

Restoring coral reefs is an excellent way to preserve marine life and create habitats for more than 1 million species.

SDG's associated to this cause:


Plastic pollution is growing steadily, while waste management and recycling fall short. The world produces twice as much plastic waste as it did two decades ago, and only 9% is successfully recycled.
A large part of this plastic seeps into the environment. Because of it, more than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die each year from plastic pollution.
100% of baby sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs. There are more than 269,000 tons of plastic on the surface of the oceans.

We need to protect our oceans to preserve and protect the biodiversity of marine life and reduce pollution in them and this is one of the main objectives of sustainability plans.

SDG's associated to this cause:

How can I participate?

When you place your order at Condret, it will pop up a window with the two AllColibri projects in which we invest. Select the one where you want to assign your micro-impact.

It's time to act!

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