Recycled gold plated and sterling silver

All of our jewels are exclusively made of recycled metals.

Our  sterling silver jewellery is made of 925 recycled sterling silver. They are also plated in rhodium what gives them extra shine and preservation for longer. 
The gold-plated pieces are also made of 925 recycled sterling silver and are plated of 725 recycled gold of one-micron-thick. They are also plated in rhodium, which makes them high-quality pieces.

The metals we use to produce our jewellery are purchased from an RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council) certified metal supplier that promotes responsible and sustainable practices in the social, environmental and human rights spheres. At the same time, our metal supplier is COC (Chain of Custody) accredited, which guarantees the responsible traceability of the product and protects aspects related to management and internal responsibility, as well as the suitability of recycled materials. All the gold and silver we use is RJC certified.

Precious crystals

We use precious crystals in our jewellery and our collections as they are more sustainable. Our precious crystal supplier in Austria is fully committed to improve and innovate throughout all its value chain to minimize the energy consumption and the emissions that they generate.
We do not use precious stones since mining activities imply a direct damage on the ecosystem and a negative impact on the planet. We also don’t use laboratory diamonds since their creation requires an intensive use of energy, which obviously is not in line with the search of sustainable production processes.

Responsible Packaging

100% of our packaging is made of fully recycled materials and their origin is certified. The outer part is made of 100% recycled carton and the inner part is made of 100% recycled PET. All our packaging is under FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) that contributes to the care and preservation of forests in a sustainable way, since new trees are planted for those that are cut for the manufacture of paper and wood. This FSC certification means that the carton used in our packaging can be tracked at source and the forests where the trees were extracted can be known.

Handmade Displays

Our collections are also available at carefully selected jewellery stores. Our displays are handcrafted by Km0 suppliers with wood under the PEFC certification (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council).

You can also find our Condret jewellery collections in the following jewelry stores.

KM 0 and European providers

Aware of the environmental impact of choosing suppliers over long distances (i.e Asia) that may be cheaper, we are committed setting up business relationships with nearby suppliers that are aligned with our social and environmental standards. All of our suppliers are Km0 or European, coming from Italy, Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands and are seriously committed with social and environmentally responsible practices.

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