Be Circular

Aware of the capacity to generate an impact through our clients by reducing the generation of waste, we have created the Be Circular program, which promotes the recycling of jewellery that you no longer want and the reuse of materials in the creation of new Condret pieces of jewellery.

How does it work our Be Circular program?

Step 1

Login into your account and select the jewel you want to recycle (please note jewels need to be registered with your serial number once they are delivered to you)

Step 2

Click on the button

‘I want to recycle’ on the right of the product and follow the steps to return your jewel to us and get your credit in your account

Step 3

Once we receive your jewel, a credit will appear in your account.

The credit could be used at any time to purchase a new Condret jewel

Step 4

Your recycled jewel is again part of the manufacturing process of new Condret jewels extending the life cycle of these materials and creating further value

Our decision of exclusively using recovered metals is inextricably linked to the creation of our Be Circular program. We are committed with circularity and the responsible use of resources that are already in circulation avoiding the ongoing of the mining activities to extract metals.

The leftovers of our collections, defective pieces and returns from our Be Circular program are melted down and reused in the creation of new Condret jewellery, bringing us closer to a much more sustainable model.
We are continuosly analyzing our processes to evaluate new ways to introduce more circularity.

It's time to change our consumption habits!

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