Transcending Jewellery

Condret is a pioneering jewellery brand where each piece is carefully crafted using high quality recovered materials, merging luxury with environmental commitment, creating pieces that transcends in time with timeless designs that embellish without harming our planet and promoting the circular economy.


Each piece is a testimony of our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

At Condret, we are fully committed to being responsible in all aspects: social, economic and environmental. Every piece we create is a reflection of this commitment, from the use of sustainable materials to our production practices. With your support, we are building a future where elegance meets consciousness

Our Collections




Sustainable jewellery

At Condret we want to be a totally responsible jewellery brand at on a social, economic and environmental level.


Our jewels are made exclusively of recycled metals and precious crystals coming from ethical origins offering a fully conscious jewellery collections.

Be Circular program

Aware of the capacity to generate an impact through our clients by reducing the generation of waste, we have created the Be Circular program.


This program promotes the recycling of jewellery that you no longer want and the reuse of materials in the creation of new Condret pieces of jewellery.


Committed creating jewellery that does not damage the planet


We create jewels that transcend in time and people’s lives


Socially, economically and environmentally responsible

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