How to take care

Condret jewellery are created with 100% recovered sterling silver, recovered gold plated sterling silver and also precious crystals of sustainable manufacturing processes. 

The correct cleaning of your jewel will allow you to wear it as new and shine like the first day for a lifetime. It’s easy! 

Here are some tips for taking care of your jewel:

· Avoid the contact with chemical products such as perfumes, lacquers, dyes and cleaning products, among others.

· Avoid exposing your jewel to sweat as this can affect the integrity of your jewel in the long term.

· Although Condret jewellery can get wet, as far as possible avoid direct contact with water for a long period of time, especially water treated with chlorine or salt.

· Do not expose your jewel to  very high or extreme temperatures or long exposure to the sun.

Take care of a Condret jewel is simple, follow these steps, to keep your jewellery in its perfect beauty:


· Make a mixture of warm water with soap (neutral if its possible) and gently rub your jewel with a soft toothbrush, in this way you will ensure that each part of your jewel is cleaned.

· Once clean, let it dry your jewel without exposing it to the sun or high temperatures.

· You can also use a soft polishing cloth to clean your jewel


If you need to do a deeper cleaning, you can follow the same process and then dry your jewel with a specific silver polishing cloth.

It is important that you make sure that you do delicate movements and do not rub it excessively.

Store your jewel

Condret pieces are unique and special, so we recommended to store it individually in their original box or in a special jewellery box (not made of plastic), avoiding possible rubbing with other jewellery or objects.


Do not store your jewel in a very humid place or in a place with high temperatures and avoid the continued exposure to direct sunlight.


It is also recommended to remove your jewellery before going to sleep or doing physical activities, as well as showering with them.


Condret jewellery has a warranty period for any manufacturing defect of 2 years from the day the order is received.


Please proceed to register your jewel here so you can make use of your warranty at any time during the 2 years that it is covered.


In case you need to use your warranty, you must contact us through the contact form with your order details, your purchase receipt or invoice and a short description of your issue. 


A member of our team will contact you in a period of 24 hours.

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